Shiblu Ahmed , 21 years old , with his uncle Mashuk Uddin watches the last debate between Hillary and Trump. Shiblu’s father “Tharauddin” has been killed last August with the Imam Alauddin Akonjee in Queens on their way to home. 

Mashuk lives in NYC from 25 years and he is American citizen .“ I bring my older brother to US to be safe but I didn’t have ability to protect him” , Mashuk said. Mashuk planned to vote for Trump because he was believe that he will change US to be better , but after killing of his brother he decided to vote for Hillary. 

Shiblu puts a surveillance camera in front of his house after the killing of his father because he doesn't feel safe anymore. Also other two houses did the same thing at his street. 

Lyaba Mahmoud , 22 years old , American Muslim student. In the first 24 hours Trump's elected , 7 people told her to take her scarf off. She was scared and afraid that stringers could say that and some friends offers her to walk with her and don't be alone in the street. Lyaba used to back home late but now she don't feel safe to do that alone.

Two days later she was waking with two Muslim friends but they don’t wear the Hijab , and a man came very close and whispered in her ear saying “ Good luck with our new president”. The fact that he chosen her because her identity as a muslim appear clearly because of her hijab. 

Saif Alauddin , 23 year old , the son of the Imam Alauddin Akonjee who has killed in Queens last August. The imam was walking to home after the prayer with Tharauddin , his neighbour , when a man shot them with his gun. The attacker saw both of them walking and decided to follow them. He parked his car , followed them to the mosque and when they left he shot them. One bullet in the head of the Imam and three of his chest , and one bullet in the head of the other man. as the security cameras in the area recorded that.

“I lost the most important person in my life and my mom began to suffer from heart problems and high blood pressure. Our life totally messed up” , Saif said. My father was planning to visit Bangladesh to spend the feast there and then back to NYC  to apply for the US citizenship but the killer was faster. Saif is preparing his papers to apply to the American citizenship. 

The house of Nazma Khanam , 60 years old , an American Bangladeshi who was stabbed to death only a block and a half from her home in Jamaica , one week after the Queens Imam has been killed in the same neighbourhood. She was walking to home from the grocery shop with her husband and a man stabbed her by a knife in chest and she dead. Khanam, is a retired school teacher.  Her husband and son returned to Bangladesh after the attack. Her nephew's lives here from long time and he is  American citizen. 

Her husband, Shamsul Alam Khan, talked exclusively to CBS2’s and said “ I couldn’t save her. Why this happened.I need justice” Khanam and her husband moved to the area from Bangladesh in 2009, but they had just become U.S. citizens in June.

Maryam , 56 years old, Zarina , 63 years old , are American women converted to Islam from 35 years and became a friends from this time. Maryam married to a Bangladeshi man and have a 3 children's. She moved to Bangladesh with her husband to raise her youngest girl there. Zarina married a Pakistani man and have 4 boys. Maryam lives now with her friend Zarina. They afraid from Trump racism speech and he could put the Muslims in camps like what happened with the Japanese Americans during World War II.

Maryam inter to Tasawwuf  from 15 years after her son dead inside her stomach which is helped her to healing from losing her son.Tasawwuf is a branch of Islamic knowledge which focuses on the spiritual development of the Muslim. Maryam and Zarina every Friday visits 3 mosques for prayers and have a Sufi session in the last mosque where they are the only women who attends the session with a Senegalese men. 

Tayyba Kashif , 24 years old , a Pakistani immigrant came to NYC with her family from one year and half. Last September in Brooklyn 3 days before the memorial of 9/11 , she was attacked by a White American woman who tried to take of her Hijab. Tayyba was walking with her baby Heba , 15 month , in a stroller and the woman attacked her and pushed the stroller. Another woman wearing a long Nikab was just attacked before Tayyba by the same woman with her baby also and kicked her in legs and tried to take of her Niqab. Tayyba is seven months pregnant. The attacker said to the both Muslim women “Get the fuck of America , You don’t belong here bitches”. “The attacker facebook also was full of hate posts against Islam” , according to the media. Taybba and her husband handle now asylum case and have a big fear if the Trump won the elections, how the government could deal with them as a refugees. 

Madani Islamic center in Georgia received a handwritten letter in the mail in March 2017. The message said "Death is waiting for you and your kind". The letter came along with a picture of a dagger decapitating a person and wrote in the swort " Muslim slayer". Other three mosques at the same city received a threading emails.


The mosque's garden used to be an open space that anyone can walk through becaue there is no fence but after this incident , the center decided to increase the security measures in the wake of the threats. They built a fence around the mosque, use extra lights at night and put a security cameras.

The familiy of Nabra Hassanen , a 17 years old girl from Virginia who have been killed in June 2017. It was an early morning when Nabra was among some 15 teenagers walking and riding bicycles to the mosque for Ramadan serves. The attacker got in argument with on of the boys. He pulled over his car onto the sidewalk towards the group. They started to run and some of them succeed to escape in the woods but Nabra unlucky  was the last and the attacker abducted her. He hit her with a baseball bat and put her in the car. Later he dumped her in a pond near his home. 


Police have classified the killing as an act of road rage, and not a hate crime. Hundreds of muslim from Washington DC turned out of the funeral to remember Nabra Hassan and express their solidarity.Several days after that happened a memorial was established for Nabra and someone set it on fire. A police spokesperson told the Daily news that incident “does not appear to be motivated by bias.”


" I am no longer able to see my daughter's pictures. My heart is very broken. When Amaros , my youngest daughter who have only 5 years old asking where is Nabra,  I don't have answer" Mohmoud Hassanen, Nabra's father said. 

Habiba Abdul-Rashid , 31 years old ,  African American Muslim born and raised in NYC. She is an operation manager in security company and a single mother to Maliha Abd ELSalam 2 years old. In November 2015 she was walking with her baby and her sister back home from the mosque and a post office man cursed her. He said I will burn your temple and spat on her face twice and yelled on her baby face. Then he noticed her 17 years old sister and went to bother her. Habiba told her sister to escape inside a Yemeni store own’s to a muslim family and she tried also to enter inside but the man pushed her. The post office man had been arrested but the court didn’t charged him because they said that Habiba in the recorded video was not look like she afraid from him. The manager postmaster  in Brooklyn fired the guy because of this case and he had a previous record to aggressive attitude. 

She decided she will not vote because she believes that both Hillary and Trump are a bad choices and will not help the Muslims. Habiba became after the attack is much paranoid when she walk in the street and if she felt a foot steps behind her she move and let the person walk. She don’t let anyone walk close from her. That much damaged her and look behind always and sometimes have a anxiety when have to go out.